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100 euros

The pregnancy control visit consists of the accomplishment of an ultrasound in which the fetal vitality is evaluated, the growth of the baby and an examination of its anatomy to rule out malformations. Placenta and amniotic fluid are also valued.

In addition to the ultrasound, blood pressure and maternal weight are taken and the analytics performed at each stage of pregnancy are evaluated, as well as the maternal symptoms that may indicate some pathology.

It is always started by doing a 2D ECO and if a Doppler study is necessary to see the flow of blood through the umbilical cord or fetal blood vessels.

3D ECO consists of a three-dimensional ECO in which we can see the fetus with more realism and better evaluate its anatomy.

ECO 4D is a 3D ECO with movement in which we can see how the baby moves his arms and legs, open the eyes, yawns, smiles, etc.

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